What's New?
Today is April 18, 2006 and is the first day that this
site has been up.  I've added some basic pages
and a WebLog today, but more will be coming
soon.  Be sure to visit my
Genealogy Blog, too!
What You Will Find on this Site
Right now, you won't find much, but as I add
information you'll find information on my family
history, the sources that provided that information,
and a running commentary on how I'm finding
those sources.
Overall Plan for This Site
A Bit About My Family
My grandparents all immigrated in the early part of the twentieth century.  My
maternal grandparents were from a part of present-day Poland called Galicia that
was ruled by Austria when they lived there.  My maternal grandfather was from a
part of present-day Poland called Kingdom Poland that was ruled by Russia.  My
maternal grandmother was from what is now Lithuania.
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